Amigos Braodband Pvt Ltd Braodband places a high priority on protecting client privacy and preserving the security of data throughout its operations. In addition to ensuring legal and regulatory compliance, this serves to solidify the faith that our clients in us. We have put in place strong internal processes and checks to make sure that the privacy of information is preserved throughout the whole information lifecycle. This is outlined in the thorough Amigos Braodband Pvt Ltd Information Privacy Policy, which provides management direction and guidelines to ensure the privacy of personal information collected by Amigos Braodband Pvt Ltd so that information is handled in accordance with the necessary laws, regulations, and contractual obligations.

Our company effectively monitors information travelling within and outside of its bounds in real-time for any violations of privacy policy rules. Employees, business partners, or other persons who violated privacy policy, Zero tolerance for the violation results in strict steps being taken against those people, such as removal from services and/or filing police complaints. Failure of any third party to abide by Amigos Braodband Pvt Ltd's privacy policies is grounds for sanctions ranging from contract termination to mild disciplinary measures.

Privacy Policy
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a) The Company makes no representations or warranties about the reliability, accuracy, or completeness of the Information posted, uploaded, or distributed through the Site. Any user using the information on the Site does so solely at his or her own risk. The Company is not liable for any loss or harm resulting from any accidental errors or omissions appearing on this Site.

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Access Restrictions/Termination

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Contacting the Company a) Users should contact the company with any questions or requests for clarification regarding the Terms, the Privacy Policy, the Company's procedures, or their interactions with the Company.