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Leased Line for Corporate Institutions

Our dedicated leased line internet solution delivers the high-performance connectivity you need to run your smart office's most demanding apps.

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We are providing a High-speed broadband at an affordable price with prompt and courteous customer service

Wifi Connection

Through our RF connection infrastructure, even residents in rural locations will have access to the internet.

OTT Service

Extending our service to different technological levels in order to improve our customer experience.

Smart Home

Work from home, online classes, Netflix, Amazon OTT, and more - a comprehensive digital solution for your smart home.

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Yes, Amigos Broadband provides enterprise-grade, high-speed leased line network services to ensure consistent performance, security, and dependability across your locations.
Highlights of our Leased line Service
⦁ High speed broadband internet Leased line
⦁ P2P & Multipoint connectivity
⦁ Campus Wifi
⦁ Public Wifi & Hotspot Solution
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Yes of course. We are a licenced and authorised service provider recognised by the Government of India.

Yes, you can pay your bills online and receive your GST bill at the same time.

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